Chef Brian Held

NOTE: Restaurant Rouget recently closed with inspired chef-owner Brian Held heading on to pastures new, specifically his eponymous restaurant in Lambertville. An always-reliable purveyor of exquisite food and top-notch service, Rouget will be massively missed in our locale. This website is intended to pay our gratitude to the great work done by Brian Held and the Rouget team moving forward. All the best!

In Bucks County there is no shortage of fine dining. And while it may seem a daunting task to distinguish oneself from the competition that's exactly what has happened—in 3 short years.

At Rouget, the French inspired menu created by chef-owner Brian Held is all about flavor. Yes, the plates are pretty, the setting at the edge of historic Newtown is lovely, and the weeknight prix fixe menu is a well-known bargain. But the lasting impression of your evening there will be how wonderful everything tasted and your only concern will be "how soon can I return?"

From the rich and wonderful Wild Mushroom Bisque and the classic Caesar Salad to the signature Beef a la Mode and the exquisite White Chocolate Bread Pudding, every mouthful will remind you why you dine out.